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Peter and Heidi came up with the idea for their original product, Grok Bites, during the spring of 2015 in West Wales, UK and then brought the little critters into the world in the Hudson Valley later that summer.

Grok Bites, the original beloved product, is no longer in production however their development created the stepping stones that led to the current product line. Peter and Heidi’s research and discovery of the numerous healing qualities of little known superfoods, like Baobab, inspired the creation of their sacred sipping chocolates and their popular Baobabe skin care line.

The year 2020 changed so many lives in so many ways. During the isolation period at the beginning of the year, Heidi returned to her roots as a wearable art designer and developed a new line of paper jewelry which has been met with great enthusiasm. She is excited to share Degna Jewelry – her latest work with you.

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I plan to be a customer for……ever!  I really love your products!!!


“I am seriously geeking out about Baobabe now.   My skin is SO smooth and happy right now! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.”


I have an Internship in Manhattan and Grok is the best part of my commute on the train!