Super food enriched

our botanical skin serums

Our standout skin serum unites organic, exotic plant oils that work together to hydrate and protect your skin. Our special blends combine Baobab, Sacha Inchi, Perilla and Marula oil creating a new and totally unique serum.

Baobabe provides an antioxidant rich formula that works on all skin types. With a faster absorption rate than most serums on the market, you get enhanced benefits  without an oily feel. Protect your skin today and enjoy the natural beauty that comes from using plant based, organic ingredients.

The Tree of Life

Baobab is our favorite superfood and a main
ingredient in our superblends and botanical skin serums.
Baobab is a 100% natural and organic raw fruit.
In fact, it is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch,
producing a powder that is nutrient-dense.

sacred sipping chocolates

No ordinary drinking chocolates.
Made from rich, raw, organic Peruvian cacao, we’ve added superfoods to give you magnificent health benefits as well as a powerful, distinctive and delicious chocolate sipping experience.

Zazen Superfood Powders

Our Super Blends combine the best of the best! With benefits from ancient superfoods, simply add these to your smoothies, shakes and other beverages to provide a well deserved boost to your general well being.


It all begin here with Grok bites. These gourmet raw fruit and nut snack bite gems are no longer available but were the cherished bite of many for the first years of Grok Enterprises. 

Supercharge your body

Our special superfood blends address your body’s needs in our fast paced world


Keeping our minds sharp and our brain healthy is the #1 purpose of this powerful blend.

Ad Astra

Our most popular adaptogen blend supports your adrenal system while relieving stress.


Our newest blend works to balance our body’s metabolism energy levels.

  • Calcium 40% 40%
  • Iron 40% 40%
  • Potassium 50% 50%
  • Fiber 55% 55%
  • Magnesium 80% 80%
  • VItamin C 80% 80%

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